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Our product is sold under the brand name ‘Real Lancashire Eccles Cakes’. It is distributed throughout the United Kingdom and is available in Europe and the U.S.A. Our outlets are varied and include specialised establishments, major supermarket retailers and Cash and Carries.

Wayne Pritchard
I have been with Lancashire Eccles Cakes since February 2008 and have over 10 years experience in selling Cake with various roles from van sales, key accounts and customer development.

My previous positions have allowed me to work in all sectors of the market place from major multiples and the convenience market to independent retailers and local distributors. I have found all this experience invaluable in helping me to fulfil my position as National Account Manager at Lancashire Eccles Cakes.

Paul McRoberts
I have been with Lancashire Eccles Cakes from early 2010 supporting the company in all aspects of our sales and its development.

My sales experience spans over 30 years in the food industry with nearly 20 years in the Bakery category, of which 15 years was with a National Blue Chip Cake supplier in roles from Van Sales, Business Development and Major Multiple sales management.

Ian Edmonds
Wayne Pritchard,
National Accounts
Ian Edmonds
Paul McRoberts,
National Accounts
Ian Edmonds
Diane McDougall,
Sales Administrator